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Liners, Equipment, Safety Covers



Aruba Blue? Cobalt Lake Grey? Santa Cruz Sandstone? What liner is the colour of your paradise? With so many patterns and shades to choose from, it can sometimes take several wardrobe changes before your pool figures out what to wear. Rest assured that whatever you choose, Dream Pools uses only high-quality LATHAM liners because of their functionality and innovative seam technology (that makes seams vanish).


We want you to flip a switch and be done with it. Dream Pools uses products that take the stress out of pool ownership. We trust Hayward for their low maintenance hassle-free systems. You won't have to check your pool constantly (we promise) so you can sit back and enjoy it! With an 80-year track record of efficiency, cutting-edge manufacturing, and keeping pool owners happy, Hayward has the most technologically advanced pool equipment worldwide.

Safety Covers

Your pool is breathtaking, but make it safe. Protect your investment (and possibly lives) with a LATHAMâ„¢ pool cover. Leagues above the competition when it comes to design and ease-of-use, a LATHAMâ„¢ safety cover is engineered to precision using their patented interlocking double-overlap seams, custom heavy duty hardware, and 20 year warranty.